Rationality of the Christian Faith in Richard Swinburne

Rationality of the Christian Faith in Richard Swinburne

Ozioko Johnson Uchenna

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Richard Swinburne is without doubt one of the most powerful forces to reckon with in contemporary Philosophy of Religion. Whenever his name is mentioned, what immediately comes to mind is his declared philosophical project of rigorously defending the rationality of the Christian faith. This work attempts to streamline Swinburne’s thought on the reasonableness of the Christian faith and to illuminate a good understanding of his arguments in its favour. Moreover, summoning his claims to the tribunal of reason, it considers the plausibility of his arguments to see whether Swinburne has really achieved for the Christian faith the type of rational demonstration he envisaged.

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Urbaniana University Press

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Johnson Uchenna Ozioko hails from Nsukka, Nigeria, and holds a doctorate degree in both Philosophy and Theology. He currently teaches Philosophy of Religion in the Faculty of Philosophy of the Pontifical Urbaniana University, Rome. He is the author of Passion and Commitment: Consecrated Celibacy and the Dynamics of Psychosexual Development (Paulines, 2007), Faithful Witnesses of Christ: Fostering Fraternal Communion in the Presbyterium (Urbaniana University Press, 2017), as well as many other philosophical and theological articles in different peer-reviewed journals.