John Henry Newman. Approaching Process of Canonization

a cura di: González Fernández Fidel

Contenuto in: Euntes Docete LXIII/3-2010 pp: 11-54
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1. The significance of beatification; 1.1 A personal memoir; 1.2 Newman at Propaganda Fide Pontifical Urbanianum College in Roma; 1.3 Newman and his contemporary time period; 1.4 His Cause of canonization and the critical-historical method – 2. Some remarks on the “man and the Christian” in the person of John Henry Newman – 3. The impact of Newman on those who met him; 3.1 A chorus of requests for His canonization; 3.2 Can we therefore say that Newman is a Christian “saint” and doctor of the Church; 3.3 Like Augustine – 4. The most radical experience in the life of Newman; 4.1 The meaning of the Tractarian or Oxford Movement; 5. The consequences of his conversion to the Roman Catholic faith; 5.1 The sufferings of Newman inside the Catholic Church; 5.2 His growth in holiness; 5.3 A Catholic without perplexity – 6. The life of Newman is a confident but tormented cry searching God; 6.1 Some traces of the J. H. Newman character; 6.2 Newman’s reputation for Holiness